Caring for
the human

Helping maritime organisations to foster purpose, clarity and self-mastery to people onboard and ashore.

We bring our expertise in the science of organisational psychology to maritime organisations globally to improve human element performance processes.
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Human Element Consulting

a purposeful workplace culture

Our organisational psychologists will collaborate with your management team to facilitate you in redefining, reshaping and leading the culture you envision for your organisation.

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Assessment Solutions

your personnel decisions

Our psychometric assessment tools speed up the process of making well-informed decisions on recruiting, selecting and developing sea and shore staff.

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Specialist Training Programmes

your people’s thinking

Building on neuroscience and evidence-based insights, our learning programmes will amplify your understanding on how to bring out the best in human element performance.

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your human capital strategy

Set your organisational, team and individual well-being to motion, utilizing tools and practices that foster your people’s physical, mental and emotional health and sustain it within a socially supportive environment.

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