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We are avid supporters of the principle that well-being can, and should, be cultivated; at the personal, the team and at the organisational level. We will support your organisation in turning well-being into a strategic priority, reinforcing a culture of safety, caring and inclusion.

We speak to organisations that put the well-being of their employees as top priority. Our approach goes beyond the “do no harm” mandate; we focus on providing you with tools and insights to promote your people’s flourishing, i.e. their positive well-being. We offer a range of well-being interventions to nurture employees’ physical, mental and emotional welfare and sustain it within a socially supportive environment.

Our well-being interventions apply to both the strategic and the operational level of a shipping organisation. Ultimately though, our well-being interventions will impact the culture and wider corporate social responsibility function of your organisation, by spreading a sense of purpose, wellness and resilience that will extend beyond workplace operations and interactions and flow across the lives of your employees.

Why employee well-being is a business imperative

An ever-increasing body of scientific research on well-being and happiness prompts businesses worldwide to take employee well-being seriously. These research findings are so strong that public policy goals in a number of countries have been revised to include people’s well-being.

The reason is easy to understand, though somewhat more complicated to deliver: for a business to thrive, you need healthy, happy, fulfilled and motivated employees.

Employee well-being interventions have been linked with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced accidents
  • Increased retention
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved stress management skills and resilience
  • Supportive workplace relationships
  • Increased engagement

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Strategic consulting

Delivering on your strategic employee well-being goals requires adopting a growth mindset across management and operations and infusing organisational policies and procedures with certain practices that are known to promote the well-being of your people.

We invite you to utilize our scientific understanding on the determinants of employee well-being and how these can impact organisational outcomes. We will guide you through the process of adopting an organisational growth mindset, building psychological safety among your leaders and their teams and establishing management approaches that are designed to instill positive feelings to employees, raising their engagement and satisfaction, improving their performance.

Contact us to discuss how we can facilitate your organisation in promoting healthy working practices and lifestyle choices for your employees.

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Well-being Training for operations

Well-being is about caring, a principle we help organisations learn how to apply across all levels. In the operational level, we offer a training programme suitable for teams or for individuals. Our well-being training is about re-learning to care about ourselves, the people around us and our surroundings.

Much of our well-being learning programme is based on our workplace mindfulness training course.Enriched to include valuable insights on the physical, emotional and social dimensions of well-being, this programme is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the dynamic and complex nature of their own wellness and happiness.

Contact us to find out more about our well-being training interventions or to tailor an employee well-being training programme to your organisational needs.

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