Morning Sea

Morning Sea
Out of the blue
Out of the blue

Morning Sea / Sea of the Ship,
By Constantine Cavafy

Let me stop here; and let me look at nature for awhile.
The morning sea’s and cloudless sky’s
brilliant blue, and yellow shore: all
beautiful and grand, bathed in light.

Let me stop here; and let me fool myself that I do see all these
(I really saw them for a moment when I stopped);
not, even here, my fantasies,
my memories, images of delight.  

Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) was an Egyptiot Greek poet who lived in Alexandria, Constantinople, England France. He wrote 155 poems, historical, sensual and philosophical in content, all filled with lyricism, metaphors and imagery. Famous for his perfectionism, Cavafy exhibited a skilled and versatile craftmanship has earned him a place in the literary pantheon of the Western World.

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