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Our training programmes are centered around the human element and geared towards strengthening your people’s understanding of the principles and the practices that can energize (or hijack) high performance.

For an organisation to shine in the high-complexity environment of the maritime industry, it must be led by people who can apply certain key skills. Inspiring trust, promoting engagement and motivation, aligning differing cultures: in short, understanding how to review and how to best manage performance, starting with one’s own. The training programmes we offer target these exact skills.

In a much-valued cooperation with DNV Maritime Academy, we offer a suite of learning programmes that focus on building your people’s thinking around organisational change. Based on insights from neuroscience, our programmes will transform your team’s understanding about assessing and managing human element performance.

The programmes we offer are held both in-house and at the Academy’s offices around the region. Contact us to tailor a course to your goals or to explore your organisational training needs.

Why employee well-being is a business imperative

An ever-increasing body of scientific research on well-being and happiness prompts businesses worldwide to take employee well-being seriously. These research findings are so strong that public policy goals in a number of countries have been revised to include people’s well-being.

The reason is easy to understand, though somewhat more complicated to deliver: for a business to thrive, you need healthy, happy, fulfilled and motivated employees.

Employee well-being interventions have been linked with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced accidents
  • Increased retention
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved stress management skills and resilience
  • Supportive workplace relationships
  • Increased engagement

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Our current specialist training programmes:

Effective Performance Appraisal Systems

In partnership with DNV Maritime Academy

Aimed primarily at those involved in the management of ship staff, this learning programme focuses on utilizing science-based principles in designing and running an effective crew appraisal system.

Join this course if you wish to understand how the performance review cycle works, how to tap on the crew appraisal system to foster individual and team growth and how to turn performance feedback into a meaningful interaction.

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Competency-based interviews

In partnership with DNV Maritime Academy

This course will upscale the interview skills of those involved in hiring and/or assessing shore and ship-based staff.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of how to design and conduct interviews that are valid, fair and informative and how this process contributes to building a positive organisational brand. The value of competency mapping for any role will become clear to those joining, who will also learn about and practice on following the steps involved in conducting competency-based interviews, including the key verbal and non-verbal skills that are applied during interviews.

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Cultivating Well-Being Onboard

In partnership with DNV Maritime Academy

This course aims to boost participants’ understanding on how to incorporate seafarer well-being into the strategic goals and management practices of a shipping organisation.

The systemic approach to well-being forms the basis of this programme. By joining, you will learn about the dimensions of well-being, about the issues known to impair seafarers’ well-being as well as about practices through which, as modern science reveals, we can cultivate well-being, both at the organisational and the individual level.

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Remote hiring: Competency-based interviews

In partnership with DNV Maritime Academy

This course emerged as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, as a training we provide to our clients to support their business continuity.

The programme is provided virtually. It draws largely on our competency-based interview training course but focuses significantly on the principles involved in conducting remote interviews.

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Workplace mindfulness training

This learning programme embraces the principles of adult learning and is addressed to organisations that aspire to increase their employee’s well-being. It provides people with a toolkit that helps develop healthy workplace habits which foster mental qualities essential for building resilience: clarity, creativity and well-being.

Joining this programme will empower you to realize your potential at work: we will share practices that will help you learn to manage stress, adjust to change, overcome challenges and utilize your core values as a compass you can access wherever you are. Based on scientific insights about brain function and evidence-based research, this programme follows the UK’s accredited Workplace Mindfulness Training Programme structure.

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Building Mental Health Awareness and Literacy

This course directly addresses the need to raise mental health awareness in the maritime industry.

As indications that seafarers, like employees on shore, may be suffering from ill mental health have drawn special attention to seafarers well-being and mental health, we developed a course that aims at familiarizing participants with the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, equipping them with the skills to support colleagues in need, while also understanding ways to combat the stigma around mental health and to foster mentally healthy workplaces.

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Running Effective Meetings

This course addresses the role of meetings as a central organisational tool. We bring together insights from organisational psychology and neuroscience to equip participants with the skills and the understanding they will need in order to lead meetings that foster collaboration and serve key strategic goals.

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