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Mental Health Support

In light of the global coronavirus crisis and the ways it is affecting our beloved seafarers and their families, we have brought together a team of accredited psychologists, ready to offer mental health support and counseling sessions to those in need of such support.

The no-crew-change policies that have been imposed can trigger a range of negative emotions and reactions. Along with the uncertainty and worry around the Covid-19 situation that people onboard are experiencing, this range of emotions can have an adverse effect, not only on the person experiencing them, but also on the people around them.

Stress can be exacerbated and fatigue among the crew can build up as time goes by. We deeply care for the psychological well-being of seafarers and understand that it may currently be undermined. We believe that crew accessibility to a licensed and well-trained counselor can be of significant help. The qualified psychologists who will be speaking with seafarers have extensive experience in providing mental health support and a deep understanding of the maritime industry's context.

Through this initiative, our goal is also to help the management of maritime organizations during this difficult time, by easing some of the stress you may be experiencing with regards to doing everything possible to support the mental health of your seafarers. We understand that this may be a challenging time for you and how you stretch yourselves to help your teams maintain high spirits.

Please email us at c19psy-support@ceosan.com to discuss how our psychologist scan support your teams onboard and ashore.


Covid-19 special trainings

In cooperation with Dnv.Gl Maritime Academy, we developed 2 training programmes to support the moral of the staff affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure business continuity:

·       Remote hiring: Competency-based interviews

·       Helping our people maintain equanimity and well-being during the Covid-19 crisis

To find out more or arrange an in-house training, please contact us at info@ceosan.com

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